Headshots for Professionals, Artists and people who want to show them selves at their best.


tips for your shoot

Some pointers to get you ready for your closeup. 

Some pointers to get you ready for your closeup

To make the most of your headshot session, a little preparation goes a very long way.  It not only helps you look great, but it helps you feel relaxed and comfortable, before, during and after your shoot.

What to wear:

Try and stay away from busy patterns and very bright colours, rather, choose solid colours that will complement your skin tones. You rarely go wrong with a black, grey or navy blue. Lighter colours are fine too, but don't choose one that closely matches your skin tone. Pale skin and a tan shirt may get a few odd looks.

It may sound odd to mention, but wearing clothes that fit properly is important. Not just so that you're comfortable, but to stop any unsightly gathering around the neck. The best rule of thumb is to pick some of your favourites. 

Keep jewellery to a minimum. certain jewellery can date you, or simply give a bad impression by being distracting.  Stick to simple, classic jewellery and you won't go far wrong.

Hair & Makeup:

Continue the simple is best theme when it comes to your hair and makeup too. Make sure to have any haircut at least 2 weeks prior to your session, so you will have settled in to your new hair style. Facials and other treatments should take place at least 1 week prior to your session, so the risk of a bad reaction from a new facial product is kept to a minimum.