Headshots for Professionals, Artists and people who want to show them selves at their best.

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what to expect

What to expect from your time under the lights.

What to expect from your time under the lights

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does your headshot say about you?

Whether it's for an Annual Report, your company website, LinkedIn, or even a profile pic for your Facebook or Instagram profile, it is important today more than ever to have a strong image of yourself that effectively reflects your personality.

To achieve a this, our shoot is kept as informal and relaxed as possible and, as we travel to you, just being in that familiar environment will go a long way to making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Actors and Personal Headshots

Our Actors and Personal Headshot sessions are held in your choice of location, usually your home or office. It will normally only take a couple of hours from start to finish, but we don't set a time limit, so there's no rush.

During the session, we aim for a range of looks, so you'll want to have at least three different outfits ready. We shoot against a plain white or black background, depending on hair colour, clothing and the required look and feel.

Following the session, we will send you an electronic contact sheet containing all the best images from our shoot. You then select your six favourite shots from the sheet for retouching.  These six images will then be retouched to give a natural look, and will be supplied to you during the week following the shoot.

Corporate Headshots and Environmental Portraits

Corporate Headshot sessions can be held in your office or a location most convenient for you. Schedule an average of 10 minutes per person into a meeting room or quiet area. we will setup the lighting and background kit, and be up and running in 30 minutes.

There are no limits put on the number of images taken in each session, we keep shooting until we get the shots we are all happy with.  We shoot against a plain white or black background, depending on the required look and feel. Many businesses like to use the images in company reports or promotional material, so we keep the them all as consistent as possible.

An Environmental Portrait adds some context to your images by including some of your surroundings in the background. These are great to submit with magazine articles or to show in your websites bio page. They take a little longer to setup, but the results are entirely worth it.

We do not charge additional licensing fees for multiple use of the images. The retouched images are supplied in a single transfer to the primary contact, but when possible, we also like to supply the individuals themselves a web ready copy of their selected images for their personal use free of charge (Always great for Linkedin).