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About professional headshot and commercial photographer Rob Smith and how to get in touch.

Frozenpixel Limited was setup by founder and photographer, Rob Smith, to create images that people love to look at. Whether the subject is a professional model on an Ad Campaign shoot, a CEO's first time with a professional photographer or an entire Sales Team having their headshots updated, Rob's aim is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels their best. To help achieve this, Rob will bring all the required gear to the client’s own premises so that they are in a familiar environment. His headshot shoots are kept light and he'll always jump at any chance to make his subjects laugh, so be prepared.  

Alongside his ad work, corporate and actors headshots, Rob is currently sourcing funding for his ongoing philanthropic project in Botswana, where he will be photographing the Kalahari Bushmen, and showing the results on


Feel free to follow us on twitter @fpixphoto for updates on new work and obligatory ramblings.

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Phone: +44 (0)1789 565711

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